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Crush-worthy art to color!


Lizzo loves you, and now she is your best girlfriend! On the pages of Crush and Color: Lizzo, you get 100 percent of that bright-as-hell star in an array of colorable fantasies.

Let Lizzo share her vivacious fun, boisterous spirit, and inspiring self-love with you and scatter it like glitter in more than 35 completely unique drawings. Go on a radical coloring adventure with your girl as she guides a unicorn through a rainbow forest, vibe with her while she's feeling fine under a waterfall, channel her unapologetic energy as she commands her throne, and let her march her way off these coloring pages and into your heart. Each illustration is accompanied by a fun imagined scenario and some crushable knowledge so you can get to know more about this fearless, flute-playing empress of empowerment. Let your Lizzo daydreams shine with Crush and Color: Lizzo!


- Make your creativity sing with incredible coloring pages
- Find out what makes Lizzo so magical with biographical bits
- Perforated pages make it easy to display your girl-crush
- Enjoy a dream day with Lizzo with 35 hand-drawn scenarios

Lizzo Coloring Book

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