Evolution of Avenue Wrapping

I've always loved wrapping gifts. I imagine most gift wrappers would say that. I've also always loved giving gifts (that would definitely be my love language)! On any given year, it's likely I'll have my holiday shopping done before July. It's also likely that I will wind up buying more gifts because I end up giving those gifts as just because presents because I get too excited about gift giving (and am impatient). All that to say-I've always been into gift giving.

In my 20's I would refuse to give a gift card because I felt it was too impersonal but as I got older I learned I could make the inside of a gift feel warm, personal, and thoughtful with the way I wrapped it. It was sort of like an aha moment when I learned that, and I realized-this was my art-infusing my thoughtful personal touch with pretty designed packages. I was able to give a gift in such a way that said hey, I get you, I know you, and I care and I LOVED it. Even though I might not know the recipient, I still try to wrap for them - so it's not uncommon for me to ask about their favorite color, personality, age, or other defining details.

In my 20's is also when I met my dear friend Torrey; during the holidays I'd go to her house and we'd have a gift wrapping extravaganza where we'd drink wine and wrap gifts for all her family-it's still one of my favorite holiday memories. After out-of-state moves and having a baby it had been a while since I'd wrapped gifts but with our most recent move to Memphis I started doing it again and a joyful energy took over and I couldn't stop-so I kept wrapping, and wrapping, and doing even more wrapping. I gave it a name, internalized a purpose, and here we are.

-The gift above was for a hip young couple having their first child naturally via a homebirth who didn't yet know the sex of the baby-

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