Dirty Little Secrets

I have two dirty little wrapping secrets - One is that I have very sloppy handwriting, so I will rarely write names on gift tags for customers. I had one customer this year ask me to write on his gifts. My heart sank a bit because I knew as soon as I did they wouldn't look as grand. Kind of like putting a moth bitten tattered jacket over a Chanel dress. I'm hoping to join forces with a calligrapher in this new year for a few pop-ups and partnering. She'll be the cedar block to my fancy gown. The second might be a little more shameful when it comes to gift wrapping :) Any gifts that made it to our tree after November, I never wrapped. In fact, I didn't even open the boxes they were shipped in. I confidently put them under our tree fully knowing that's how they'd stay until Christmas Day and stay they did.

I was exhausted by the end of the year but what surprised me was that I could be wrapping all day and not tire of it. After wrapping for my last customer on Christmas Eve day, I knew I needed rest so it's been 9 days without any wrapping. The New Year always brings me a sense of rejuvenation so I've been able to set my intentions out into the universe for great things to come in 2022, who knows, maybe I'll get my cedar block to teach me some basic fancy fonts.

-The above picture was part of a holiday window display I did for Saddle Creek Mall using paper from Wrappily.

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