Because they Care

I was at our local farmer's market over the weekend chatting with a friend who introduced me to one of her guests. She graciously shared that I was a fellow creative, telling him I do gift wrapping. He wasn't impressed (as most people aren't) and tried to hide why he felt that was pointless but he was extremely polite. He was a bit perplexed as you could tell he didn't see the need in it - I get it, gift wrapper definitely doesn't have the same importance or purpose as, let's say, a cardiac surgeon. If I was a cardiac surgeon though and he didn't think that was bad ass I'd have judged him BUT gift wrapper, he totally gets a pass and I fully understand. He thought about it and said gift wrapping makes sense nowadays since people don't like doing things themselves - the rational of that statement felt off and I immediately knew why.

It's true, we live in a world where we pay others to perform services for us that we 1. don't want to do or 2. can't do, like have someone mow our yard, paint our house, or wash our car, but with gift wrapping, I think it's a very different reason. I don't think it's because they simply don't want to do it themselves, I think my customers choose my service because they care; they want to show the recipient they are valued and one way you can do that is with a beautifully wrapped gift.

Just a few days prior to that I got a text from one of my caring customers who had me wrap some birthday gifts: "I just wanted to let you know that my wife absolutely loved the gift wrap, in fact she wrapped the boxes back up after she had seen the gifts because she felt bad throwing it away. I am really glad I came to you to get it done." I think this says it all. He was genuinely grateful that his wife loved the gift wrapping. He'd gone out of his way to find me to help make his wife's gift extra special and it made me smile knowing that I was a teensy tiny part of helping him do that. It's ok that I'm not a cardiac surgeon or an accountant ;) because I'm a smile maker and it warms my heart that I'm able to be a part of other people's caring stories in some way, plus I'm very slow at math and I'd faint at the sight of blood if I had to do surgery.

-The gift above was one of the birthday gifts wrapped for the customer who sent me that text.

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