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When we opened our brick and mortar in November I was fortunate to be featured in some publications. Meeting with the editors of these was humbling and I appreciated each interaction I had with them.

I'm not one to brag, boast, or talk myself up, however, when it comes to doing that for others I'm all in. I'm definitely a women empower other women t-shirt wearer. I'll be on the sidelines with my homemade sign cheering you on, giving you water, and telling you how amazing you are without a blink. One thing this experience is beginning to teach me is that it's ok for me to do that for myself. I can be my own cheerleader; in doing so I'm that much stronger and capable. It makes the failures feel more like opportunities and teachable moments rather than flops on the faces, and the successes feel more powerful and confident. I can be humble, confident, scared, empowered, sad, empowering, contemplative, and a number of other things all at once and it's ok.


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