Bespoke wrapping paper


Our wrap classes offer participants a fun way to learn the basics of gift wrapping that will leave an impression. So much of the gift wrapping process is personal and this class infuses the technique with the sentiment. Classes can be geared towards individuals or for your staff. Most classes include the following:

We offer classes for your staff and can help come up with branded wrapping for the perfect match for your boutique.

If you'd like to offer gift wrapping classes to your team or for special events please send an email so we can create a class just for you.

Gift Wrap Lesson

You'll learn how to wrap with invisible seams, create crisp edges, tie a bow, and add the final touches by effectively using embellishments in order to get ooh's and awe's out of your recipients. You'll get tips on fixing common mistakes and answers to common questions.

Gift Wrapping Kit

You'll receive everything you'll need to wrap your gift (from the box, tissue, paper, tags, ribbons, and embellishments).  Each class will offer a unique kit which includes artists designed papers.


We partner with other small businesses to bring you a special experience where not only do you learn to wrap, you get to shop for the gift as well (often at a discounted rate just for you). Each class is held at a different boutique. *Shopping may not be applicable for all classes.

Wine & More

Well, because, every event is better with wine and food. Shopping, sipping, and socializing is a great way to wind down and have fun as you learn how to present the perfect gift. *May not be applicable for all classes.